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Team Building

Outdoor/indoor team activities are an essential part of team development. It compliments individual and collective training by means of comfort & stretch. We know that using the 'Outdoors' as a vehicle for developing teams is not about getting wet, sky diving or pot holing! Our programmes are not designed for adrenaline junkies or super athletes.

We understand your ethos of good team building which is to develop peoples' ability to work with others by developing collaboration, communication, taking personal responsibility, and leadership through practical problem solving. However the art of providing good team building training is to instil in the participants the ability to transfer these new skills into their daily life whether that is in the home or work place environment.

Our Aims:

• Improve your teams' performance not test your employees' nerves.
• Strengthen and tighten team bonds.
• Develop new relationships within your work place.
• Make you work more effectively not make you cry.

Reasons you should use our programme and staff for Team Development:

• It is non-threatening, encompassing a culture of 'challenge by choice'.
• Everyone is on an even playing field with the same level of skill and knowledge.
• The results are obvious and immediate.
• There are many opportunities to improve through the process of task and review.
• The thought processes are the same indoors or outdoors but the learning process is much more effective with a 'real life' experience.
• There are consequences for your actions and decisions that are obvious but not life threatening or financially disastrous.

The Team

• Experienced and qualified in Team Dynamics.
• Qualified First Aiders/Medics.
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