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Our outdoor mountaineering  courses are split into two categories; scrambling courses and navigation courses.

Scrambling Courses

We offer two different scrambling courses:

1. Guided Scrambling Course

This scrambling course is designed for those who haven't done any scrambling before; who'd like to find out what scrambling is like and may be a little nervous at the prospect.

2. Learn Scrambling Course

This scrambling course is suited to those who want to learn how to protect themselves and others with a rope whilst scrambling.

Navigation Course

Our outdoor navigation training courses take can place in any of the UK’s mountain ranges and can last from one to five days.
The course covers navigation, mountaineering decisions and emergency scenarios so that you become confident at reaching your intended destination safely. Also route choice, safety issues and emergency procedures on the hill to equip you and any friends you might be with.

The course is a great way to climb some classic mountain peaks.

It is ideal for anyone with a good level of fitness and is a must for anyone with a love of the outdoors. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions & SiteWizard Support Database