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Leadership Development - Team Building

The three main questions that all leaders, managers, or leadership teams need to be able to answer well:

  • Why would anyone want to follow you?
  • Why would anyone want you in their team?
  • How well do you collaborate with other parts of your own organisation and with external parties?

We specialize in developing leadership, followership and collaboration skills appropriate to each individual and team, depending on role, seniority and the business results anticipated.

Our prime focus is on enabling the individual or team to deliver confidently on the results and outcomes expected and, where possible, to exceed these expectations. Delivering results, however, is not in itself enough – the values and behaviours that people display are equally important in ensuring long term success for their enterprise.

Since 2004, MASUK Ltd has participated in a Partnering Agreement with the Army Foundation College at Harrogate. We have been designing and delivering programmes for corporate clients that leverage the expertise and skills of the college.

The Army Foundation College (formerly Army Apprentices College) has been widely acknowledged as a centre of expertise in leadership development for individuals and teams. Our aim is to leverage the lessons from military leadership development and apply them in a meaningful way for business leaders in the corporate world.

However good leaders are, they can never be excellent unless they are leading excellent followers. This means we pay significant attention to the skills needed to develop effective followership. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions & SiteWizard Support Database