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Hill Walking

Hill walking bridges the gap between Rambling and Mountaineering. It is a fantastic  outdoor activity for all ages and abilities to enjoy, ranging from short to long treks taking in breathtakingscenery. It provides opportunities to learn new or refresh previously taught navigation, safety and other important skills to help make you more efficient and effective in the hills.                               

We can provide you with an itinerary to suit all budgets and offer a fully guided service which will ensure you stay safe at all times.

What is hillwalking?

Hillwalking is one outdoor activity under the umbrella of "mountaineering". It is walking on hills and mountains, in all seasons, terrain and weather, on and off paths, and can sometimes include scrambling. See the next question for a better explanation...

What is not hillwalking?

1. Climbing. Hillwalking is generally on terrain which can be crossed on foot only. It does not require the use of a rope to moderate falls. A rope may be carried as a safety aid on some walks where there is likely to be a high degree of exposure and the rope can provide extra confidence on steep ground for members who find such ground difficult.
2. Low-level walking. Hillwalking involves the ascent and descent of hills or mountains. Low level walks are undertaken when the condition of the hills (or of the group) are unsuitable, or as a walk in or out from the hill. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions & SiteWizard Support Database