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Canoeing - outdoor activity

Quickstart - 3 hours

If you want to start kayaking NOW and do not have time for an all day course try our Quickstart program. You will learn about kayaks and how to be safe whilst paddling. We will show you how to be comfortable in a kayak; how to paddle forward, turn and stop. Now you are ready to try some of our other programs! Quickstart is an entry level program for beginer paddlers of all ages. Children should know how to swim. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent participant.

Private Instruction - 2 hours

Perhaps you learn more effectively one-on-one with an expert instructor than in a group. No problem, we offer private lessons which can be arranged mid-week or at the weekends. Tell us what type of water and the location that is convenient for you and we will meet you there with boats and gear. Or ask us to suggest a location. We can plan the lesson for whatever skills you choose. Do you want to learn how to roll a kayak or to practice rescues? Do you want to learn how to paddle a racing canoe?

Introduction to Kayaking 7 hours

This is a FULL DAY comprehensive course to acquire skills to safely and enjoyably paddle on calm open water. Our Introduction to Kayaking program includes information on all different kinds of kayaks--from river kayaks and sit-on-tops to lake touring and ocean expedition kayaks. You will learn about the equipment necessary to get started and be safe; and how to select appropriate boats, paddles, and life jackets according to your personal requirements.

You practice carrying boats, fitting a boat to you, launching, and landing. You try controlled capsizes so everyone will know what to do if a boat tips over. You learn basic strokes, manoeuvres and boat control. Finally, we take a lake tour to get the feel of kayaking open water. This program is a spring to many other opportunities, from here you can take river kayaking, sea kayaking or join any of our trips. We provide boats, paddles and life jackets. You should bring plenty of water to drink, lunch, and sunscreen. Wear clothes that can get wet, sunglasses, a hat and water shoes or old tennis shoes. Sandals are not recommended.

Beyond the Basics 3 hours

After you have completed Introduction to Kayaking you know that you need more stroke practice. You know that you want to paddle more distance. You know that open water situations like wind and waves will eventually challenge you even on our lakes near home. You want to get out on the water again, paddle more and get more kayaking tips! This class is for you This course is taught on open water in a lake to prepare the participant for sea kayaking and more extreme conditions. Concentrate on power and touring strokes, braces and manoeuvres with an emphasis on boat control, stability and J-leans. Learn about safety equipment and practice assisted rescues; perform paddle float and stirrup self-rescues. Identify marine hazards/safety concerns and learn strategies for dealing with them. Understand wind, waves and weather. Learn nautical rules of the road and dealing with boat traffic.

Basic River Kayaking - 1 or 2 days

Learn about paddling in a river environment including current, eddies/eddy lines, waves/wave holes. Learn strategies for dealing with a variety of obstacles in moving water. Apply fundamental kayaking strokes in moving water with an emphasis on boat control and stability. Learn manoeuvres for eddy turns, peel outs and ferries. Understand scouting and portaging rapids and group organization on the water. Practice self rescue and assisted rescue skills. Participants must have completed Introduction to Kayaking or possess equivalent skills.

Kayak Strokes Clinic - 3 hours

Learn six to ten kayaking strokes depending on your experience. Isolate stroke components and learn how postures and muscle use increase efficiency. Learn how to combine pure strokes into effective manoeuvres. Learn repetitive drills to improve kinesthetic awareness and muscle memory. Participants must have completed Quickstart or Introduction to Kayaking or possess equivalent skills.

Kayak Rescues Clinic - 3 hours

You know how to self rescue. You saw it demonstrated in your Introduction class and even practiced it once. But when the water is cold, or the conditions are rough, or your buddy panics, will you feel confident that you can recover from mishaps quickly and calmly. This clinic will teach you effective self rescues and the best ways to help a friend who takes the unexpected swim. We will practice a variety of recovery methods and simulate tough conditions.

The Kayak Roll 1 - 2 hours

The kayak roll is the most effective self-rescue. Focus on controlled capsizing and wet exits. Practice hip snaps. Understand paddle use. Work on important head position. Put it all together. This clinic is for those who want to learn to do a white water "combat" roll and is also for sea kayakers.

Participants must have completed Quickstart or Introduction to Kayaking or possess equivalent skills.

Pool Kayaking Class 3 - 10 hours

During winter months we offer instruction at indoor swimming pools. This class is perfect for beginners who want to learn all about kayaking in a safe, warm, clear water environment. All equipment is provided for you. Experienced kayakers are welcome to practice kayak rolls and get tips and feedback on kayak stroke techniques. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions & SiteWizard Support Database